She is a technician and a poet. My pain is gone and my spirit is nourished. What a gift.
— FR, Los Angeles
I have shown up at my worst for sessions with Pam, thrown my most physically and emotionally painful parts down like a gauntlet in front of her, and not only does she meet me in the storm with skill enough to make me feel safe, she is solid enough as a person to herald me through to the other side without flinching - indeed, with complete good cheer and faith in my wholeness. She has a surgeon’s precision and holds a ferocious container for very deep transformation.
— LT, Los Angeles
In my experience, to receive in any capacity from Pamela is to accept the reflection of the deepest love you have for yourself. Her work is profoundly intimate & respectful. In session, the layers between who we are and who we think we want to be become blurry, and in that soft space it’s just so nice to be in the company of another human with no expectation of you. She is a most accomplished & irreverent practitioner in the most necessary ways, with the healthiest boundaries I have ever observed in another human being. A goofy, passionate, infectious, genius joy.
— JH, Los Angeles
Pam has the strongest hands, and her knowledge of anatomy and the inner workings of the body run deep, but her biggest strength lies in her incredible perception. Her presence and ability to know what is needed in any given moment is unparalleled, and all those elements add up to nothing short of the best bodywork I’ve ever had. The work I’ve received from her goes well beyond working out the aches and pains - she’s able to go to the source, to seek out where the holding originates, and is there to support real growth. Pam’s not afraid of anything. She wants you to show up exactly as you are, which is magic.
— AG, Los Angeles
Pamela’s ability to tune in to my body and know exactly what i need and where i need it is uniquely sensitive. Ever since we began working together, there has been deep healing and an alleviation of almost all of my symptoms. I feel a deep sense of safety in her touch and would recommend her to anyone looking to heal their body.
— SG, Santa Cruz
Pamela uses her empathy, intuition and extensive knowledge of various bodywork traditions to reach through layers of trauma of the body. Her technique is potent and the healing effects that result linger long after you have stepped off the table and into the world. My sessions with Pamela have brought me pain relief as well as a deeper understanding of my own body.
— AM, Los Angeles
I have been fortunate enough to receive bodywork from Pamela for many years. During this time, she has shown extraordinary ability to work deeply while always checking for consent, to make space where there just wasn’t any before we started, and to engage my trust despite some serious discomforts.  Her bodily strength, intuition, and unique listening skills make her, by far, the best massage therapist I have known.  She is also gentle enough that my young daughter could work with her as well.
— RG, Los Angeles
“I’ve received bodywork from Pamela for over 4 years.  She is a serious student of anatomy and healing in all forms, and you can feel that expressed on the table with total focus and intent. Pam is the only bodyworker I have recommended to every friend and family member.
— JL, Los Angeles
I cannot recommend Pamela’s bodywork strongly enough. Because of her commitment to herself, she isn’t afraid of your shit.  She can hold you through your darkness and not take on your projections.  She is truly a force of love this way. As a bodyworker, her hands express this intelligence. She is not the person to go see for a temporary fix. But if you are looking for the sincere healing of your body and the loving unwinding of your soul, go to Pamela Samuelson.
— EG, Los Angeles
Pamela Samuelson is the most exemplary bodyworker I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Apart from being a wise and gifted professional she is also an excellent person. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone and frequently do so (to my own detriment, as when such advice is unsolicited one can often appear insane.) Visiting her is always a peak experience.
— CM, Los Angeles