A Hands-On Exploration of the Jaw, the Pelvis, and the Core Link

(32 hours over 4 days)

The Ecstatic Body is a 4 day hands-on introduction to the profound energetic, somatic, and structural connections between the jaw and the pelvis, and the deep capacity for systemic transformation held within them. Taught from a perspective that holds sensual presence, somatic awareness and a skillful therapeutic touch as essential to healing in any context, this workshop offers a clear, comprehensive, experiential understanding of the anatomy, the functionality, and the ecstatic potential of these beautifully sensitive axes of the human body. 

Day 1 we focus on feeling, visualizing, and working directly with the exquisite architecture of the jaw, mouth and neck. On Days 2 and 3, we approach and explore the energetic wellspring of the pelvis. And on Day 4, we begin to unwind and play with the nerve-dense, exquisitely sensitive superhighway that connects the mouth and throat with the pelvic bowl: the Core Link. 

The dynamics of consent, the cultivation of inner vision, clear guidelines for assessment, and the vital importance of providing a stable container for catharsis are discussed throughout the workshop as fundamental to offering the most loving, intelligent, and responsible work possible to our clients and loved ones.

This workshop is intended both to engage in deeply personal exploration and equip participants to offer this work in a professional context, and as such is offered to touch therapists of all varieties, somatic therapists, birthworkers, CSBs and other somatic educators, or anyone with experienced hands and a personal interest in exploring the ecstatic possibilities of the human body. 

The Ecstatic Body takes place over 4 consecutive days, 10 am to 6 pm every day with a break for lunch.

Tuition is on a sliding scale of $600-$800 so that participants can pay according to their income level. In this way, those who are able to pay more can support those who cannot. Please consider what feels truly sustainable, and choose an amount within the sliding scale that feels honest, respectful, appropriate and in integrity for you.

Payment plans and other possibilities are also available as needed. Additional partial scholarships are available to BIPOC upon request - please contact me to discuss. 

To reserve your place an RSVP is required, and a minimum deposit of $300 must be sent by June 14th. (Deposits can be sent by Paypal to - friends and family, please - or by Venmo to Pamela-Samuelson.)
The remainder of tuition must be completed by June 27th.

Please contact me for more information or to request a workshop in your part of the world.

Some feedback from past participants:

"I could do this workshop with you at least 4-5 more times to really, fully get the download, considering the volume, density & relevance of this offering, and I would. You are presenting so much value: social critic & commentary, embodied global-justice action, sound & approachable existential philosophy, opportunity to make leaps toward expanded self-awareness & more integrated self-actualization, spiritual development, deep healing & transformation, solid conceptual & experiential anatomy training, presenting a very visible and clear role-model (you!), building community, presenting opportunities for skill-sharing & a think-tank, and beyond. Fuck yea. Amazing."

"This experience has really shown me what a hands-on learning experience SHOULD be like. You did a great job of making absolutely clear that boundaries and communication are paramount to the success of the exchange, and that is something I will be considering and taking forward with me into my daily life and work. It was so safe and open. I felt like I could give feedback in a more honest and direct way than I have ever been able to give."

"I'm just home from the first birth I attended following our weekend together. I was able to integrate both jaw and pelvic work into my labor support. It was a beautiful and powerful birth, and the mom wrote to me this morning that I seemed to know exactly what she needed. The work came more easily than I thought, as this client was not peacefully lying on a massage table. I left the workshop worried I would have a hard time transferring what we learned to a moving, laboring woman. I worked on her jaw when we was between contractions in the birth tub, and later in labor I worked on the muscles externally in her pelvis when she was on hands and knees in bed. When I had access to different areas of the body, I found creative ways to support her. It's exciting to be using this new work immediately."

"I loved the workshop. It allowed me to be safely touched. It provided me tools to be present and still with myself and my clients without “saving” them or “fixing” them or “owning” their experience."

"The workshop was quite amazing. It's actually hard to put into words. The group was so wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable, and I LOVED the incorporation of anatomy, somatics, and the open hearted way in which you shared the information