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This class offers information, tools and practices to empower you to fully step into your sovereignty, eradicate any shreds of inherited shame, and take charge of your choice, health, and sexual wellbeing. 
Cuz your doctor works for you. 
Not the other way around.

We will cover: an overview of the spectrum of healthy sexual anatomy, an opportunity to participate in the Gallery that Destroys All Shame, a demonstration of a cervical self exam, and an opportunity for all participants to examine themselves (and, if desired and permitted, observe others) under supervision. 

Open to all humans with an interior sexual anatomy who would enjoy taking back their total authority and seeing their own glorious bodies on their own terms.

This class will be taught by Pamela Samuelson and co-facilitated by Carol Downer and several of the amazing members of the Feminist Health Alliance.

*Suggested donation $20
*No one turned away for lack of $
*A healthy percentage of all proceeds will go toward building the Feminist Health Alliance database
*Address provided upon registration 
*Register through the Eventbrite link, or send donation of choice to Pamela-Samuelson on Venmo ⚡️

This workshop is appropriate for AFAB trans/GF/NB folks, and can be arranged for small groups upon request. Everyone has the right to approach self-exam in a setting that feels safe, comfortable, and fabulously empowering. Please email me to discuss!

Some feedback from participants:

“Last night I had the immense pleasure of getting to learn how to do #selfexams. I also learned a lot about my own fears and traumas on a deeply visceral level. I have always had a fear of vaginal pain & it got worse after my very first #papsmear at the age of 17. I had never been penetrated by anything much less something like a speculum. She also used the wrong size for me. She was so rough and mean and I left feeling like I couldn't walk properly. I cried on the table and on the way home. Little did I know that even though it grossly common for people to feel this way after exams, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. You can have good experiences around your #sexualhealth and #reproductivehealth. Last night, I had a lot of emotional stuff come up for me around sexual violence, experiences of oppression around being #queer and #trans so I wasn't able to get as far as my little brain was telling me I *should* be able to go, but I know eventually it will come. At its own sweet pace. I want to share my deepest love and gratitude to Pamela of @embodyworkla & everyone who held loving and tender space to me as I went through this process in a safe and trans affirming way. ”

“I took very few photos at Burning Man but one of my most proud moments was helping some new friends get to know their own bodies by showing them how to look at their own cervixes. Even within a group of sex positive and body positive people we are still so distant from this important part of our anatomy. Im so grateful we had a space to use that was enclosed and wind free keeping the dust away. I am grateful for the friends who participated and shared with me, and I’m so grateful to @embodyworkla for lighting the spark with her workshop last month and the empowerment I feel that came from it.”





The Sex Ed you should've had in high school. This workshop begins with a discussion of sex, gender, and orientation as they each occur on a continuum; investigates the components of sexual anatomy as it relates to both reproduction and arousal, addresses the anatomy of female ejaculation, the dynamics of consent and agency, the impact of trauma upon the nervous system and those effects upon sexuality, moving forward after sexual trauma, and a Q and A. 

This class is open to all the people, all the time.

Please contact me if you would like to host this workshop in your community.