I currently offer sessions in my office in Silverlake on Mondays and Thursdays, and I am available for outcall sessions throughout the LA area. I also see clients as I am able in Oakland, New York City and London. 

Sessions in-office are $150 for one hour, $200 for 90 minutes, and $250 for two hours. First sessions are always two hours long to allow us sufficient time to talk through your intake, and thereafter sessions can be of any length depending upon the complexity of what we're addressing, and the depth and pace you would most enjoy.

As I can, I offer outcall sessions to postpartum parents and others who have difficulty traveling to my office. Outcall sessions are the same rate plus a $100 travel fee.

I offer a discount for packages of six or more sessions paid in advance.

I work with survivors of FGM at no charge, and offer a sliding scale to BIPOC and people who are dealing with physical conditions that impact their ability to pay. Please email me directly to discuss this.

I also consult with folks all over the planet via phone and Skype/Facetime/Signal. Charged in twenty minute increments at my usual rate, these conversations range from sexuality education to coaching to consultations in between appointments for continuing guidance as we navigate and adjust healing strategies in real time.  I don't charge anything for answering brief questions that can be handled by text message. 

Preferred payment methods are cash, check, or Venmo to @Pamela-Samuelson. Payment is due at the time of service.

You can read more about what I offer in a session here.

More information about pelvic health sessions can be found here.

Cancellation Policy

I humbly require 48 hours notice to cancel or change appointments. This will allow someone else to receive care during that time. With the exception of emergencies, all cancellations or changes to an existing appointment with less than 48 hours notice will incur the full charge for the session. 



Her hands are incredible, like delicate but forceful magic wands. What comes through them is both precise, with intention, and general, in the sense that ultimately they are conduits for love and healing energy, in whatever way is most relevant to the specific context - and she comes with an arsenal of tools for almost every context, rest assured. Her professionalism in every setting is always top notch; I’ve referred a number of people to her and they have all been exceedingly grateful, satisfied, and subsequently become repeat clients. She exhibits a tremendous amount of compassion and care, and is always able to hold a great deal of space for the healing process to unwind on its own terms.
— MK, Oakland